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Hi Guy’s I’m Diana and that I know you haven’t noticed me about, this is my first time but already feel as if I wish to cum . I like a lot of people have two sides, just a bit more daring than the standard. Well ’s the negative that brought me here now, the crazy and wild side of me. When I was younger I’d spent of my time in college and if not that I tested in the conservatory for dancing therefore that I had had much time to get much anything else and my parents wouldn’t hear of boys needless to say I’ve masturbating down to a fine art. I discovered that Sex and Ballet go great together, I can contort my body and open myself right up, Cum on I’ll show you a few trick I could do. I walked to the living area and stood right in front of the couch slowly taking my bra off and pitching it upon the floor. I sat down and began caressing my legs, rubbing them down and up then I leaned back gradually lifting up them and then disperse them all the way down to each end. I cut off the insides of my legs from my thighs outside to my feet and then I lifted my thighs spreading my knees far apart and rubbed my legs from my ass to my feet. I slid up and bend down at the waist and caressed my legs from my toes around my ass and then I sat back down to the couch but not before shooting my panties off. I lifted my legs and spread my feet far apart but not nearly as far as I could then I reached down and spread my pussy wide open so that you could get a great look at my pink. I put down on the couch and rolled onto my stomach and lifted my feet up towards my ass. I had been feeling in the mood so that I flexed my leg back to ass after which I lifted it up towards my mind, giving you a look at the types of thing I could do. I sat back up and spread my thighs all of the way out until there wasn’t any longer to disperse and then I grabbed my foot brought it up to my mouth and began licking and playing with my feet. I got up and stood with my back against the walls then I grabbed my leg and lifted to upwards until my feet hit the wall rubbing it up and down, now be honest “Just how lots of you Guys would love to fuck me like that? ” Well if you ever have the chance to fuck me or another girl in this positionremember that you heard it here , You’re going to get pussy just like you never obtained before. I went over and sat in the corner of the couch and put one of my legs up on the back and then I started rubbing and foot and enjoying along with my long toes then slowly unfastening the strap of my own shoe. I raised my leg with my shoe dangling from my foot moving this up and down as I flexed my foot and toes, massaging and playing together before slipping my shoe off and placing my foot back down and massaging it on the softness of the couch. I shot on my other shoe and began rubbing my foot and then spreading my feet and then I grabbed my foot and then rubbed it all of the way up my leg out of my foot up my puss. I lift my foot up for my mouth and licked and sucked my toes, I understand it’s not that huge of a deal but I still just love sucking on my toes. However often I get it done sucking them makes me sexy. I put back in my belly with my feet up towards my ass, the last time was just a teaser allow me to show you what I could really do. I arched my back and then pulled up my foot and put it on my brow, I understand exactly what you’re thinking and YES it fells good this manner. I sat up and put my feet flat on the ground after which I walked over to the door and increased my leg over my head, moving from flat footed to raising up on my feet and then playing with them and flexing them on the ground. Opp’so I forgot one very important thing so I walked in front of the sofa and did the divide my legs down to my pussy leading to back. I leaned forward and rubbed my leg down to my pointed toes and then I kissed my head on my knee and performed with my foot and feet. I flexed my toes and disperse they wide all before putting them good bye and then I snapped a kiss that way, hoping I make your favorite’s record.

From: Hotlegsandfeet.com
Date: March 27, 2019
Stars: Diana M.
Category: Lingerie

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