Showing Off the Pink -.. –


A number of our glamour models come to us in an early age and grow up right before eyes. Case there is Alexis Brill the honey which came to us a teen and today is currently looking a seasoned seductress that knows every trick of the trade’s part. How to lure us in while lounging with a book in your mind around the livingroom sofa. What could be considered a previous time that is nonsexual, looks like the most sexy tease when you are dealing with someone oozing sex like Alexis. The gloomy look in her black eyes tells you there’s much more thaan matches the eye so they could roam her slender body 35, and her hands are totally free of the book. Her hands trail down her peach colored lingerie set, which makes their way to her panties, which for certain should already be dripping wet with her own cravings. Pulling on her skivvies she could feel her moistness herself. Pulling her pink curtains we may see the sodden proof ourselves. Since Alexis gets to various places to provide the camera angle for up close and personal shots of her open shaved pussy in this sweet solo orgasm scene, and it’s a revealing off of her pink.

Date: January 25, 2020
Stars: Alexis Brill
Category: Small tits

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