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Miss Xi is a lover of summer. Today, she’s enjoying a chilled drink as her slave works in the yard. She screams at her slave, “aEURoeDonaEUR” ™, before telling him to come over and help her. Xi makes a funny joke about how the pebbled stones are hard on slave’s knees. AEURoeBe happy I let you wear shoes, she says to him. aEURoeIf your feet get burned by the concrete next time, you’ll be standing there on your naked feet.

Then, she has him sit down on the deck while still sniffing his shoes so that she can rest her back on it. It’s better because it causes him to suffer, she says. HeaEUR(tm), she says, has done a lot of work today. Now he’s being subject to even more painful back treatment. He is then allowed to lie on his back while she massages her feet. He taunts her about his inability to get any cold water. She gives him a foot massage. He says that he will do push-ups after he’s done. She has nice angles between her toes and soles. He then gets a sip of water from her mouth and she spits it onto his face. as she sat on her back. She says that aEURoeLetaEUR ™s begin with 100aEUR

From: clubstiletto.com
Date: May 21, 2022
Category: Black

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