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You can tell a woman who loves cock a mile away. They come up with cute little names for them: flesh lollipop, pork sword. Lynn Lemay is a woman who truly loves penis. When she looks at a cock, you can see the light come on behind her eyes and she gets all wild-eyed like shes imagining all the blowjobs of cocks past. Lynn says that she likes sucking dick even more than she likes having sex and promises us that she has a few skills that not every woman has. She knows how to open the back of her throat so that a dick slides all the way down her gullet and she knows how to talk dirty like a sailor on shore leave. This lusty woman doesnt just suck cock, she worships it. A woman slurping on a cock is the sexiest sound on the earth and you can hear Lynn Lemay loud and clear as she sucks and jerks that load right out of his cock.More pork sword Lynn?*Monique*

Date: July 20, 2020
Category: Submission

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