Lily’s Golden Treats –


This clip will show Princess Lily peeing in two situations. The first clip shows her standing near the toilet. She then takes off her clothes and exposes her beautiful sex. She says, “I wish you were peeing on my head.” This close-up view shows you the sweet, delicious nectar that comes from her body. She tells us that aEURoeIaEUR ™, will have you sucking it out of her toilet. Then, she wipes her spit with some toilet paper. She then calls you to come over and help her. She adds, “AEURoeEat the toilet paper.”

The scene continues to unfold and Lily finds herself on the toilet, with her slave lying between her legs. He must back down, she tells her. She tells him that after she pees on the ground, you will lick all of the piss off and then you’ll lick my shins clean. He follows her to the toilet’s edge and begins to pee. The fluid she is releasing from her tiny pussy soon flows all over the place. My toiletaEUR, she said, is crawling in her boy. Get up

Date: June 7, 2022
Category: Panty

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