Lucy’s Latex Ballet Studio! –


Joyful Kinky New Madame Latex Lucy’s Bizarre Ballet Studio, in which her novice dancers have to be completely attired in latex as she is! The ballet mistress stands in her black latex dress, beige latex leggings, and reddish ballet heels because she supervises Blue Angel in her hot pink latex body suit and black ballet heels. Blue is ready to be educated from the imperious Lucy, that places her through some stretching exercises making sure she flexes those firm calves and lifts her thighs. Blue seems to moan and needs to take a rest from the rigors of standing on those toe sneakers that are barbarous, therefore Lucy allows her to worship her heels . Maybe that’s where the major talents of Blue lay. . .in serving the ballet mistress, instead of performing herself.Blue looks quite hot flashes and kissing the red shoes, and under Lucy’s guidance she removes the sneakers to worship Madame Lucy’s feet through her latex sleeves. Blue gets a mouthful of toe! Lucy undoes the zipper of the latex crotch of Blue and rubs her foot against her pupil’s pussy. She stuffs her skirt back into the mouth of Blue, wetting it before putting it into her next. Blue even worships her shoe when she pulls up her leg to her face, and she functions like a stool for Lucy as the teacher penetrates her quim using the red shoe and also sits on her rear. At the same time, Blue licks at Lucy foot with an attitude of total servility. Lucy gets Blue at the corner, where the pupil lifts her legs and worships Madame’s feet while obtaining her quim crammed with toe. Satisfied that her pupil something has been educated by her, Lucy lets Blue to put her skirt back on!

Date: October 23, 2019
Stars: Blue Angel
Category: High heels

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