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My partner Sarah Brooke and I are robbing a house. The dirty bitch sneaks off into the garage to hide some of the valuables for herself. I distrust the pretty redhead so I followed her to observe her actions and I sneak up on her and press a wet rag over her face. I shove her down to the dirty garage floor and bind her knees and ankles tightly together. I gag the girl with several strips of thick electrical tape and poor Sarah grunts and groans into her gag as I pull of her tiny crop top and expose her big tits. I add some rope under and over her bare tits and put her in a chest harness groping her as the rope is tightened. I grab a dog leash from the floor and put Sarah in a hogtie. I tape Sarah´s big toes together with white electrical tape leaving her barefoot and helpless. Off I go to get something leaving her bound and gagged and struggling. I come back with some thin string and use that to tie up her toes in some hard toe bondage. Somehow Sarah manages to maneuver her body and get out of the bondage. I catch her as she´s running through the house and I pull my g on her XXXX my ex partner to strip off her top. I march her back into the garage using a crotch rope as a leash. I gag her again and call my other partner Jim Hunter to help me get rid of her. We drag her into the bedroom and double team her binding her tightly. You thought you were slick didn´t you and now you´ll learn the hard way. I pull out a pair of clover nipple clamps and wave them in front of her. We pull the bound beauty up onto her knees and add another chest harness and some breast bondage making her hard tits swell. I add the clover clamps and poor Sarah screams into her gag. I flick them tormenting her for double crossing me and then my partner adds some super cruel toe bondage to her bare feet. Sarah moans and struggles and I am gloating at the pay back. Suddenly my partner grabs my arms and slings some rope cinching my elbows together painfully. Sarah laughs through her gag as he throws me on the bed next to her. You need me I cry out, but he continues to tie me tightly leaving me hogtied next to Sarah. He gags me with tape and then ties me big toes together very painfully. He grabs the nipple clamps and puts them on my bare tits. He takes off with the stolen goods leaving Sarah and me helplessly struggling in our bondage.

From: Wearehairy.com
Date: October 17, 2020
Stars: Edica
Category: Gay porn

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