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Scene Samantha Rone is Composed Mia Malkova in the spa where she Operates, instructing her to undress.

Mia is a bit nervous with no towel to cover her up. It’s clear that Samantha is assessing Mia out, and it’s making her a little uncomfortable. Samantha indicates they do massage and some stretching. Mia is instantly comforted with the sound of Samantha’s experience. Samantha begins piling up Mia’s Beautiful skin, and catching glimpses of Mia’s lovely succulent pussy inches from her oily fingers. Samantha feels so attracted to Mia, and her perfect skin, that she can hardly resist the desire to pull Mia’s pussy lips open and then dip her tongue and fingers deep inside her. However, her urges should wait, she has a plan! When Samantha begins playing with Mia’s flexible figure, Mia’s stretching and Samantha’s pro massage puts Mia at a trance, moaning, begging to get some more stretching, in her tight moist pussy. Samantha purposefully tests the seas by grazing Mia’s pussy with her hands. Mia, protests somewhat, making sure to not place Samantha on the spot. Gradually, Samantha’s fingers find their way to Mia’s pussy and she can not complain, understanding Samantha’s palms and mouth are more intriguing than anything she’s needed in a massage prior to now. Finally, Samantha leaves Mia cum, and out of on Mia and Samantha can not get enough of one another, diving their wet tongues and powerful hands into each other’s juicy pussies, screaming from the intense orgasmic ecstasy they are both enjoying concurrently

From: Allgirlmassage.com
Date: November 10, 2018
Category: Fingering

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