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Foxxi Black, and also its another calm evening at the Sexyhub Spa is playing a foot massage courtesy of her masseuse, blonde Amy Red that is stunning. Foxxi watches, mesmerized, as Amy calms oil over her legs and toes, kneading the strain within her calves and bottoms, and functioning on pressure points that will unwind the attractiveness clients body. From Amys vantage point, she is able to see Foxxis pussy peeking out from her own towel. As she’s her massage upwards to Foxxis thighs, she didnt help but wonder: what if? For her, Foxxi loves the sensation of her tits being rubbed by the blonde, and when Amy moves to kiss her and takes a chance, she responds eagerly. Amy rubs clit to Foxxis while fingering her tight pussy, bringing her to some orgasm that leaves her feeling new and relaxed, and prepared for the rest of her week.

Date: September 20, 2019
Stars: Amy Red / Foxxi Black
Category: Fingering

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