Lick My entire Sweaty Body.. –


In this POV Body Worship clip, Miss Jasmine explains that she just returned from a sweaty workout. As she stands above you, her skin literally glows from the sweat. The entire scene was shot with you on your knees beneath Jasmine. Now, she turns her back to you and brings her genitals right up to your face. She tells you that she wants you to “bury your nose into my ans crack”, and then adds, “then stick you tongue in there, and lick it until you are completely clean and free from sweat.” You can feel her love for her smell and she will bring her plump sex up to your face. She then turns her head and tells you she wants to have her wet, sweaty pussy licked. She says, “I want to get you hooked on the scent of my pussy.” She rubs her legs together and then says, “I want you to lick my pussy every time I do a workout.” She adds, “IA won’t use the shower.” She then sends you to her legs, and you lick them. Then she orders you to clench your teeth in her mouth. Slave, do you like it? She asks. You do. She says that you will have to clean her body from her exercise sessions, but she’s happy to just sit there and watch. Your world will go black when she reaches for her genitals.

Date: September 14, 2022
Category: Domination

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